Photo above  ***Before signs were removed and after
signs were removed

his group never was "within the Catholic Church."

Photo below  ***This is a photo of members taking
vows in June 2004.
A Cult in our Midst
Photo above  ***Several priests at an

Photo below  ***This is a photo of  
members after having taken "vows."
Photo above  ***Kyo helping "dress" those
who have taken "vows" that day

Photo below  ***A priest in some LHTBM


Note: These pictures were taken before the Church statements were issued. It is
unknown whether or not these priests shown remain in LHTBM; it is highly
suspected that several of them are still "with" the group. As a parishioner, as a
caring person, as a human being, you have a right and obligation to ask if your
priest is associated with this group and if he is, WHY he is.