Agnes Kyo McDonald, group leader
A Cult in our Midst
Agnes Kyo McDonald is the leader of The Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission.
Agnes is 6
8 years old; she has proven herself to be a superb con artist, in the
opinion of many of us. Below is a picture of Agnes.

Leonard Kruzel is a
suspended priest within the holy Roman Catholic Church.
Len's picture is below (in blue). Len was instructed to return to the archdiocese of
Chicago but chose to stay with Kyo. Hence, the suspension.

Note: These pictures were taken
before the Church statements
were issued. It is unknown whether
or not these priests shown remain
in LHTBM; it is highly suspected
that several of them are still "with"
the group. As a parishioner, as a
caring person, as a human being,
you have a right and obligation to
ask if your priest is associated with
this group and if he is, WHY he is.

Photo below  ***LHTBM members

Photo below  ***Some members of LHTBM with Kyo

Photos below  ***More of Kyo's "servants"