In Appreciation
A Cult in our Midst
I would like to take a moment to thank several very special people in my
life. With their friendship and love, I continue to move forward in this
fight, knowing there is nothing we can't accomplish together. To Porsh,
suehue, Joanne and Jim, Margaret, Anonymous, Rick and a few others, I
thank you. To the "brothers," I thank you for many of the photos. To Lowell,
what can I say? You're the best!

To my two goofy but wonderful children - now adults - , I love you beyond
belief. Every time I speak with each of you, I am reminded of the parents
who are
unable to speak with their children as a result of this group, and  
my conviction that I am doing the right thing even further deepens, if that
is possible.

"They may see the good you do
as self-serving.
Continue to do good.

They may see your generosity
as grandstanding.
Continue to be generous.

They may see your warm and
caring nature as a weakness.
Continue to be warm and caring.

For you see, in the end,
it is between you and God.
It never was between you and
them anyway."


"God's strength to direct me,
power to sustain me,
wisdom to guide me,
vision to light me."
~St. Patrick


Please keep me and everyone involved in this Fight in your prayers.
Remember Joanne and Jim, Eileen and all others who have been alienated
from their families.